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Updates, Infinite Realm Book 5, New Stuff

Written by Ivan Kal

March 31, 2023

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you all know that the Infinite Realm volume 5 is now out and available on Amazon!

Also! Infinite Realm Book 1 is available for free, so if you have any friends that you think might enjoy it, let them know!

If you want to learn more and get more frequent updates, join my discord and ask around!

Anyways, if you’ve already read Infinite Realm on RoyalRoad I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review on Amazon. Reviews are the lifeblood of an independent author such as myself,

Now for the Updates!

As for the next and last Tower of Power book, it is still coming. I know that I’ve been giving some promises, but honestly it is just not ready yet. I’ve written a lot for it (Almost as 300k words with all the rewrites), and rewritten a lot of stuff, but in the end I am just not happy with the ending. Thankfully, because of all of you and your support I can afford to take my time and work on it until I am happy with it. What I can promise is that it is coming!

I’ve had to switch gears a bit and focus on something else in order to clear my head a bit, but I anticipate getting back and finishing up Tower of Power soon.

After the Tower of Power book, I’ll be focusing on finishing the other two Kalverse series.

New Series!

I have a new series out on Royal Road.

This story is a Progression LitRPG—a bit lighter on the tables and stats—set in a System Apocalypse on an alternate version of Earth with a slightly different history.

The story will be starting slowly and eventually getting very dark, with my plan being for it to turn into a grimdark feel eventually. It will explore themes of tough choices and lengths people are willing to go in order to survive or keep others alive. The first arc of the story is more of an Isekai, with the main character surviving in a new environment and exploring. The second arc will deal with return to System integrated Earth and struggle there. The arcs after will deal with the clash of cultures as other races from the already integrated worlds start interacting with Earth.

If you liked Tower of Power and Infinite Realm check it out!


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